VOCs Regenerative Rapid Thermal Oxidation
2016-12-21 22:28:33 1401 views

       VOCs Regenerative Rapid Thermal Oxidation and Recycling Utilization Equipment is a new type of equipment for volatility organic compounds treatment. In high temperature, volatility organic compounds are decomposed into COand H2O. We use revolving wings to substitute valves and hydraulic device used in traditional equipment.  Our equipment can operate under low cost: when treating low concentration (<450 PPM) organic waste gases, our equipment requires no auxiliary fuel. Our equipment has high decomposing rate:  decomposing rate of our two-bed RTO can reach 98%, and heat recovery rate efficiency is from 95%- 98%. Additional, our RTO equipment has no secondary pollution and emits no NOX. The whole process is automatic controlled and is easy to use.

       The volatility organic compounds from industry process enter the rotation axis of RTO equipment via inhaler. Then inhaling gas and exhaling gas are separated by revolving wings.  Gas is heated up when passing the structural ceramics (In RTO system gas is compounded by catalytic oxidation before it entered combustion area.) and then heated up to set temperature in combustion area via absorbing the heat of VOCs oxidation or auxiliary fuel combustion.  The heat gas carries is released and stored in the endothermic area. Clear gas is then released from the revolving wings. Our equipment can operate continuously, automatic switching endothermic and   exothermic areas.



      VOCs Regenerative RTO and Recycling Utilization Equipment is widely applied in industries that involves chemical, petroleum chemical, pharmacy, coating, electric, electronic component manufacturing, printing, tank truck, rubber, fabrics, artificial leather, dry cleaning, and brewing.

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