Optical oxygen waste gas purification device
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The product splits industrial waste gas by illuminating it with specially-made high-energy and high-ozone UV light beam and it will be degraded and converted into low molecular compound (such as CO2 and H2O) under the high-energy UV light beam. Active oxygen is the free oxygen generated by degrading oxygen molecule in air with high-energy and high-ozone UV light beam; due to the imbalance between the positron and negatron of free oxygen, it shall combine with oxygen molecule to generate ozone. As we all know, ozone has strong oxidation to organics, therefore, it has instantaneous cleaning effect on industrial waste gas and other irritating odor. After the industrial waste gas is transported into this purifying equipment through exhaust equipment, the purifying equipment will conduct decomposition and oxidation reaction to the industrial waste gas with high-energy UV light beam and ozone to degrade and convert industrial waste gas into low molecular compound, water and carbon dioxide and discharge them through exhaust duct.


I.     High-efficient odor removal: It can effectively remove volatile organic compound (VOC), inorganic matter, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia gas, mercaptan and other main pollutants, as well as various putrid odor with the deodorization efficiency reaching up to over 99%;

II.    No matter is needed to be added;

III.  Strong adaptability: It is adaptable to deodorization and purification treatment of various high-concentration large-amount malodorous gas with continuous operation of 24 hours and stable and reliable operation.

IV.   Low operation cost: It is free from any mechanical action and noise and doesn’t need concierge management and daily maintenance, excluding regular inspection.

V.   It covers small area and has light weight;

VII. It is manufactured with high-quality imported materials: For high fire-proof, explosion-proof and corrosion-proof performance, safe and stable equipment performance stainless steel materials, its service life can reach up to over fifteen years.

Application scope of UV high-efficient photolytic purifying equipment: Deodorization and purification treatment of malodorous gas in oil refinery, rubber plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical plant, sewage treatment plant, waste transfer station, etc.


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