DMC Pulse Jet Precipitator
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Key Features

     At RongChuang we absorbs advanced technology and develops our medium and small size DMC pulse jet precipitator.  Compared to rival products, our precipitator uses high pressure(0.5-0.7 MPa), high volume pulse valve to clear dust hose by hose, and thus our precipitator has high clear momentum and high dedust efficiency. Its small size, light weight and compact structure (outer filtering model) makes it easy to install and maintain.


Working Principle

        Dusty gas is inhaled into the retainer and then divided to bag hoses by deflectors.  Dust is kept outside the hoses, while filtered air goes through the hose and enter the atmosphere. As more dust is attached to the hose, the air permeability decreases and the precipitator resistance increases. When the resistance reaches a certain level, the pulse jet control unit will lift the closed pulse valve for a short period time. High pressure gas enters the hose through the injection pipe on the air box. Then as dust attached to the hose falls from it and falls into the retainer, the resistance drops. Along with the move of pulse valve, a set of hoses are cleared. Pulse valves move in set sequential until a circle is completed.



       DMC Pulse Jet Precipitator is widely used in construction materials, metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, coal industry, non-metal superfine dust industries. It's ideal for dusty working conditions. 

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