Volatile organic waste gas treatment sewage pool (sealed deodorization)
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Glass fiber reinforced plastic sewage pool odor-proof cover plate is mainly used for sewage treatment systems engineering, petroleum chemical industry, etc. As a result of the FRP corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, resistance to aging, can design, easy installation, long life and other characteristics of glass fiber reinforced plastic plate in the development of modern society has been widely used. According to the requirement of the user and the size of the sewage pool, peace to do arc plate cover plate and other shapes. The color also can according to the needs of a variety of color, to meet the different needs of users.


Function: used for sewage pool and oxidation ditch sealing, prevent odor. Vent is set on the cover plate, pipeline leads to deodorization equipment will stink.


Structure and features:


1, the cover plate is divided into small pieces, in order to remove the manual handling.

2, between each small piece of plate, plate and tank should be sealed connection between top surface, prevent gas leakage.

3, excellent corrosion resistance: resin are excellent corrosion resistance of resin.

4, heat preservation performance tuning: because of the low coefficient of thermal conductivity of FRP, therefore, the glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment without additional insulation structure to achieve a good heat preservation performance.

5, light weight, high strength, convenient installation: the proportion of glass fiber reinforced plastic products is only 1/3 ~ 1/4 of the steel, the strength is very high. As a result, the transportation of glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment, installation is very convenient.

6, run, low maintenance cost: glass fiber reinforced plastic product itself has very good corrosion resistance, not like metal products to anti-corrosion and other maintenance on a regular basis. Apparently in the process of equipment operation greatly reduces the maintenance cost

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