Founded in September, 2010, Dongying Jieyuan Environmental Protection Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. It has 430 million yuan of design annual output value.

   Located at Dongying Economic Development Zone in Dongying, Shandong Province, our company is dedicated to researching and developing environmental and smart equipment, and proving comprehensive solutions for the industry. 2015 after transformation and upgrading, we are dedicated to advanced technologies in environment protection, energy saving and smart equipment. At JieYuan we produce smart and low-energy environmental equipment. Combining R&D, technical support, manufacture, sale, we are a company that facilitates the manufacturing industry. The company has Shandong RongChuang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongying Deming rubber machine intelligent equipment Co. Ltd. and Hebei Rongjing environmental protection energy saving Technology Co., Ltd..Company has been in April 25, 2016, traded in qilu equity trading center, stock code 300450.

   Thanks to our high R&D capability, we have obtained many patents in environment protection and energy saving. And we have established close operation with top institutes in environment protection. We can provide professional systematic solutions in various industrial exhalation treatment, high concentration industrial exhalation treatment, VOCs treatment and recycling, solid waste recycling of waste rubberand sewage treatment.

    In VOCs treatment and industrial exhalation, we are expanding our market share and building up our reputation by providing professional services. Our equipment are mainly used in rubber industry and chemical industry. Widely applied in  petroleum chemical industry, chemical industry, papermaking, fermentation, pharmacy, food industry, metallurgy, power plant, natural resources industry, foundries, and stone industry,  our equipment will have a good prospect in application in the field of automatic lifting, pollutant treatment, dust precipitation, energy saving and recycling.

    The company's business scope: environmental protection and energy saving equipment, the development of intelligent automation equipment, the transfer and sale of environmental governance engineering operations, environmental pollution third party governance, contract energy management (BOT).

     Dongying Jieyuan Environmental Protection Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Makes a solemn commitment to its users that: PICC!


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