To meet the tire equipment
2015-03-03 10:10:22 1215 views

Rubber machinery is used to hang curtain, traveler, tread all parts fit into the tire. According to use divided into two major categories of tyre forming machine and radial tire molding machine. Normal of the layers of tire body fabric cord with a certain oblique Angle, forming the first curtain sleeve on the drum, and then on on both sides of the steel wire circle, in the middle with buffer layer and tread rubber, the tire forming tubular. Meridian tyre and tyre on the structure of buffer layer is the main difference between cord and 90 ° ~ 75 ° to the tire body axis (almost rectangular), so the diameter size of the buffer layer forming cannot be large change, so the system of tire into the shape of a need expansion to approximate shape after with buffer layer. Therefore, the structure of the radial tire molding machine with ordinary tyre forming machine is different, too.

Completed by a machine meridian tyre molding process, known as displayed at a time. Tire body made of converted ordinary tyre forming machine, and then on the radial tire molding machine molding, known as the molding in two pieces.

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