China's tire equipment manufacturer which good? Preferred glory and mechanical technology co., LTD
2015-04-01 19:35:03 1254 views

1, high precision machining of mechanical parts to ensure the excellent mechanical performance and precision machine.

2, the whole process adopts programmable controller (PLC) automatic control, touch-sensitive screen man-machine interface with process parameter setting, specifications storage, molding process and fault diagnosis display function, easy to operate, the specification change quickly.

3, host, shaping drum adopts ac servo motor drive, make body parts joint distribution even, precise position, make the uniformity of tires for best.

4, finger is package, and fully guarantee the quality of the forming of the tire bladder turn device.

5, feeding frame structure is reasonable, which can meet different process requirements. Used car all expected, safe speed, lining layer, tire body fabric by conveying the initiative feeding, effective control of the semi-finished products of stretching, the tire rubber roll feeder, lining layer and the tire automatic fixed-length cutting, improve the production efficiency and the quality of embryos.

6. Parts used in the production of various specifications tyres replaced quick and easy.

7, automatic variable pitch laser positioning indicator device is accurate and reliable, simple to apply.

8, production process and product quality control in accordance with the ISO9001 quality control system authentication.

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