Intelligent tire equipment enough attention
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Rubber industry automation, information technology will become the future improve the quality of the tire, reducing energy consumption, the most effective way to improve the production efficiency. Can help enterprises to "smart" intelligent half steel forming machine, a method of tire automatic production concept in suzhou recently held "SaChi cup" in 2014 the ninth China (international) rubber technology, equipment and market peak BBS and national rubber plastic technology expert committee meeting established caused a strong focus in the industry.

The semisteel intelligent made its debut at the meeting a method of forming machine (also known as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)), caused a strong interest in more than 400 attendees at home and abroad. According to SaChi huachen machinery (suzhou) co., LTD., the first deputy chief engineer Mr Li, the aircraft in the process of forming, the rims of automatic loading, make the operation without the artificial; Using visual system to monitor beam layer with quality, to ensure that no humanization operation quality; Roll, the application of technology, the implementation of equipment high flexibility and high efficiency; With bunch of drum up and down or so mobile is to implement the joint design, shorten the cycle time of the 1/3. After using this machine, a single tire production cycle by the original each tires 60 ~ 65 seconds shortened to each of the 40 ~ 42 seconds, single class production capacity can reach 600 production, increase the efficiency of the molding machine production one-third, labor costs by half. Recognized by industry experts, the aircraft has reached world leading level, will completely change the past high-end machine imports market pattern, greatly accelerate the process of China's tire industry achieve tire powers dream.

Qingdao university of science and technology, professor Lv Baiyuan introduce full-automatic tyre production technology at the meeting, also has caused wide public concern. Lv Baiyuan said, automatic tire production technology is combined with continuous mixing (or even plastication), a new concept of molding and injection curing tire carcass of new technology. A preliminary estimate, injection technology will than existing tyre tread forming method to improve the efficiency of 20%, and make the tire quality is improved. The key technology of the technology, one-step injection molding technology and all-electric spiral mode-locked technology has been developed successfully, but first grafted in existing tire manufacturing technology. Continuous plastication is still at the exploratory stage, Qingdao university of science and technology high machine have been preliminarily verify the feasibility of this technology.

Lv Baiyuan said, there are two new concepts tire body molding idea: it is a high strength material (or other high polymer materials such as carbon fiber mixture) for injection molding, and complementary to the tire body shape, it is concluded that a new concept of tire body; Second, according to the requirements of tire technology, the smelting casting metal skeleton (it could be a multilayer frame), then after hanging plastic processing and auxiliary to tire body forming, another new concept tire body are obtained.

National engineering technology research center, deputy director of the rubber and tire, Qingdao, thought technology engineering co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors yan-chen gao tire business wisdom factory concept is introduced. The system through information technology to support the tire enterprises continuous innovation, fine management, resource integration, global operations, prompting enterprises fine, collectivization and internationalization.

Meeting by China petroleum and chemical engineering survey and design institute of rubber plastic professional committee, the national rubber plastic design technology center, the national rubber machinery information center, petroleum and chemical rubber and plastic energy conservation and environmental protection center, rubber and plastic technology and equipment, rubber and plastic machinery times magazine of the rubber and plastic energy conservation and environmental protection.

By the original chemical rubber department deputy director Mr Yu Qingxi written book trilogy and rubber industry innovation also starting on the peak BBS.

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