"Five" linkage: rubber mechanical transformation of the main line
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Transformation and upgrading for rubber machinery industry in China is not fresh term already, in recent years, many rubber machinery enterprises are on the way of transformation and upgrading of bitter effort. Then, on the way of transformation and upgrading, enterprise encounter pressure, now got what grades? The future will be working in what direction? China chemical industry news reporter held on October 20 ~ 21, 2014, the annual meeting and product upgrading of China rubber machinery experience exchange meeting looking for answers, combing the rubber machinery industry in our country after entering phase transformation and upgrading of way and strategy.

Pressure: reversed transmission upgrades, tyre industry development needs equipment innovation

According to the China chemical equipment association of professional committee of the rubber machinery, honorary director of dong-ping li, China's tire industry after nearly 20 years of rapid development, into the critical period of transformation and upgrading, this will be reversed transmission rubber machinery products to accelerate the upgrade.

Dong-ping li told China chemical industry news reporter, tire structural overcapacity in China have been around for years, the tire is low homogeneity serious excess, but high-grade and green tire and larger development space. Rubber machinery from China chemical equipment association professional committee of statistical data can be seen, in 2014 our country all-steel tire can output will reach more than 180 million sets, semi-steel tire output can reach more than 600 million sets, and all-steel tire sales in China will be less than 110 million sets, semi-steel tire less than 400 million sets. With significantly lower capacity utilization, therefore, the next few years China's low-end tires will face to capacity of the pressure, high-grade and green tire gold could usher in a new development period.

In addition, dong-ping li pointed out that China's tire industry is relatively high, external dependency especially semisteel tyre dependent on exports more than 60% of the products, it also means that foreign anti-dumping increased risk. In the future, our country tire must resolve anti-dumping countervailing risks, such as reducing external dependency, so large enterprises will speed up to build a new factory or overseas acquisitions abroad tire company.

"More and more strict environmental protection policies also nots allow to ignore to the pressure of tire enterprises." Dong-ping li said that China tire enterprises in the aspect of energy conservation and environmental protection are mostly adopt the developing mode of "on board", quite a lot of tire enterprises although have passed the eia, but from the environment friendly enterprise gap is huge. Some of the location of the old tire enterprises is that the suburbs in the past, has now become the central area of a city. These companies face the task of transferring. As the new environmental policies introduced gradually, tire industry will become the behavior.

"From tire industry is undergoing changes in the above, we can see that this is not only the tire industry transformation and upgrading of pain, also bring the opportunity of rubber machinery industry. The future development of China's tire industry key instead of the expansion of the production quality, improve manufacturing tire grade and class as the mainstream, the need to improve the level of equipment precision and accordingly, promote the development of rubber machinery upgrading to the costliness. For example, three years ago, less than 20% of the total hydraulic vulcanizing machine in our country, but in recent years as the tire enterprises pay attention to the tire class, as well as the speeding up of the overseas layout, speeding up industrialization of the hydraulic vulcanizing machine, the current has reached 40% of the total hydraulic vulcanizer, the future will be to the international average level, which is 60%; another example, a high proportion of white carbon black used for rubber compound extrusion green tire tread, extruder screw and head heat production, low flow section to increase the conducting electrostatic rubber compound, all contact with the surface of the rubber should have good acid corrosion performance. All in all, the new technology drives the process change, all need tire equipment innovation, to meet the requirements of the new process." Dong-ping li said.

In addition to the development of tire industry reversed transmission speed upgrade, rubber machinery products machinery industry's own development needs and requirements are put forward for rubber machinery.

Data show that China's rubber machinery industry for many years high speed development, the sales revenue from $2001 in 2.2 billion to $2013, 2013 yuan, the compound annual growth rate of 16%. Especially after 2013 and 2014 tire blowout expansion, China's rubber machinery production capacity is increased quickly, rubber machinery has already entered a buyer's market. In the industry point of view, the next few years China's less demand for conventional rubber machinery to a big probability event, conventional rubber machinery demand could face years of recession.

At the same time, the development of the integrated automation system also requires machinery industry toward safety, intelligent direction. This not only save labor costs, the most important removal of manual intervention process, reduce error accumulation in the process, to prevent and reduce the process error, reduce mass accidents and so on comprehensive benefit loss caused by the process factors, at the same time improve production capacity.

Direction of the future: a critical period, more force to enhance the level of industry

At present, China's rubber machinery industry has entered a critical period of transformation and upgrading, in the face of the changing of the market, increasing environmental pressure, next, rubber machinery industry transformation and upgrading of the swimmer and in what way? This has become the 2014 annual meeting and product upgrading of China rubber machinery, the focus of experience exchange meeting, and came to an agreement. China national chemical reporter made a summary.

Innovation: the rubber machinery industry in our country must strive to eliminate, stop production and sales of old backward and energy-intensive rubber machine equipment. Xiejiao tyres all stop production equipment not only, but also to the first generation of radial tire equipment comprehensive upgrade, armed with automatic equipment of modern new tire factory, especially in high-end equipment dominated, achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving, efficient, safe, promotes our country tire upgrade and development of green tire.

Vulcanizing machine will be to develop in the direction of the hydraulic vulcanizing machine, mixer to the strength, speed, functional, intelligent, a rubber mixing line development, molding equipment to develop high efficiency, high precision, high degree of automation, the auxiliary system to efficient, uniformity, environmental protection and safety, expert fault diagnosis and intelligent ingredients delivery system development. In terms of the tire curing equipment, conveyor belt and rubber sheet to develop joint type tablet, big five drum type continuous vulcanization machine; Hose, sealing strip and profile to send layer continuous extrusion forming sulfide production line; To develop automatic injection molding rubber molded products vulcanizer, owned by the current 10% to 30% ~ 10%. At the same time, the development of high automation, thermal conductivity of oil, multiple stratification plate vulcanizing machine.

Green: rubber machine energy saving potential is tremendous, developing energy efficient and environmentally friendly rubber machinery industry development direction. In terms of energy use, focus on promoting direct mechanical converts electrical energy into kinetic energy, or heat. Enterprise development direction of concrete: hot feed extrusion equipment to develop in the direction of cold feeding equipment, boiler type tyre vulcanizing presses to develop in the direction of hot plate tyre vulcanizing presses, intermittent mixing equipment to develop in the direction of continuous mixing equipment, a single operation of equipment to the direction of the combination of the automation equipment of mechanized linkage development, rubber equipment adopts closed loop temperature control in the temperature control method. In terms of environmental pollution and environmental protection, to phase out steam heat source, the design and manufacture of producing rubber machinery to adapt to the new heat source; Development to prevent dust pollution of the technology and equipment; Development to reduce noise pollution of technology and equipment, rubber factory noise pollution mainly from traditional equipment systems, including motor and reducer, and working part of the equipment, in order to reduce the noise pollution in rubber factory and rubber machinery must improve the work of transmission system and equipment parts manufacturing precision and dynamic balance performance, rubber machinery enterprises processing method will also increase.

Standardization: so far, special rubber machinery in China, a total of 74 standards, including gb 18, line marked 56. According to China's national standards, the classification of the standard GB/T12783 product model, currently in rubber plastic machinery standard has completed the formulation of the enormous quantity wide products, such as tire processing machines, extrusion machines, but for a lot of rubber products processing equipment, renovation, recycling machinery and test standards has yet to be acceleration standard work, some product standard lacks the corresponding method to match. Therefore, all future needs perfecting standard system, strengthen the coverage of product standards. Future rubber machinery standardization is a breakthrough development goals, improve and accelerate the speed of integratewith,. "Breakthrough" refers to a breakthrough in this professional energy-saving standard zero; "Improve" refers to the national standard, the line mark technology to continuously improve, according to the product the development of the production level, standard cannot lag, shall be revised in time length, content standard age aging the standard of rubber plastic machinery, the strive to industry standard control within five years of age; "Accelerate" refers to the standards to speed up the speed, especially to speed up the waste rubber plastics processing equipment standards speed, speed up the national standards and industry standards for energy conservation, environmental protection, new products, new technologies, such as scientific research achievements transformation, in a timely manner to develop a practical technical standards; "Standards" means and advanced foreign standards, do a good job in the foreign advanced standards of collection, translation and consulting work, especially for foreign safety standards should be as soon as possible and practice, so as to promote the development of export trade in China to provide technical support.

Information: information comprehensive reform the traditional rubber machinery in our country, improve the level of automation, improve labor productivity, improve the security and stability of the equipment. Automatic control system to intelligent development, such as application forecast on rubber mixing equipment control technology, fuzzy control, pattern recognition technology; Application of information network technology solve the problem of automated island, change the traditional mode of automatic control, to the enterprise production equipment and the overall solution, equipment control and production management, make the whole workshop or the unity of the whole factory production information acquisition and processing become possible; In automatic equipment safety fluctuation kongfu, pay attention to the safety of the system design, achieve the equipment is not easy to appear wrong operation, not easy to personal and equipment accident, reduced energy and reduce the outage to a minimum; Such as widely used photoelectric non-contact detection means and advanced technology such as video, real-time video records of equipment status and production process, for bad or dangerous environment, such as vulcanizing workshop and rubber mixing plant and other real-time monitoring; With bar code as the information carrier, make the factory by a single control technology to control the integration of the overall solution, guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of information acquisition, provide information security for ERP information system; In the linkage of the equipment and continuous fluctuation kongfu, make more process equipment to achieve multi-usage, one machine can, realize the function. Vigorously develop the use of robots in the rubber machinery, a reduction in the number of people's labor intensity and the use of personnel, improve the working environment, promotion and vulcanization workshop and no rubber mixing workshop.

Internationalization: from the standard, design, manufacture, sales, service and fully integrate into the world, rubber machinery for more business opportunities, exports accounted for by less than 20% of the total sales revenue up to a third. To develop several world-class companies, the core competitiveness of several kinds of main products of international brands, improve the added value of products and international market share, improve the resistance to the world economy, the financial crisis and barriers to trade, all kinds of response capacity of the theory of trade. Strive to have 3-5 home go out and development plant become multinational enterprises in foreign countries. Building up the idea that the big markets around the world make the transition from domestic factories to the internationalization of enterprises. Rubber machinery factory in China can be joined in the world to establish China's rubber machinery products after-sales service system.

The graph is the annual meeting and product of rubber machinery in China in 2014 upgrade experience exchange site.

Achievement: reduce the energy consumption and improve the advanced equipment market share

Many rubber machinery enterprises have pressure to just have power, has been in the process of transformation and upgrading of the achievements.

For example, a method of continuous mixing technology and equipment at low temperature rubber refining industry in our country the promotion, a wheel industry made a breakthrough in energy conservation in China. According to the China chemical industry news reporter understanding, compared to before the process, a continuous mixing process at low temperature reduces the intermediate transfer rubber band, greatly save the mixing time, mixing rubber raw materials into a shorter time from 12 hours to 30 minutes, reduce the cost of raw material utilization, and since there is only a mixer heating process, most of rubber mixing on the mixing machine mixing, low temperature greatly reduces the energy consumption. The technology has been in guizhou tyre, triangle tyre industry leading enterprises in the industrial success, and is promoted in China tire enterprises. Triangle tyre, the wheel, and guizhou tyre after the actual use is introduced, such as glue can reduce 10% ~ 20% power consumption per ton. Especially in the triangle tyre in the workshop, mixing rubber consumption per ton, 870 kg BiaoMei, while the industry average to 1100 kg BiaoMei. And because of the low temperature mixing process is beneficial to improve the dispersion of carbon black, greatly improve the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber.

Vulcanizing machine, the development of the hydraulic vulcanizing machine, vulcanizing machine market sales increased by 50%. Hydraulic vulcanizing machine mechanical vulcanizer overcome inherent defects, high precision, high degree of automation, high efficiency, the mechanical vulcanizing machine is more suitable for radial tire, especially high grade of radial tire vulcanization. Guilin rubber machinery factory in recent years, yiyang rubber machinery group co., LTD., the great ship mold co., LTD to develop the hydraulic vulcanizing machine, the annual production capacity of hydraulic vulcanizing machine before from less than 500 units, development to the present more than 2000 units, the development of its market share by less than 20% two years ago to nearly 60% now, has realized the real industrialization. Guangdong giant hydraulic vulcanizing machine can mold company scale of production capacity of annual output of more than 400 sets of products in the supply state.

In recent years, many rubber machinery enterprises through independent innovation, also broke the monopoly of foreign, for managing foreign exchange in our country. Such as high-precision cutting equipment has been the weakness of rubber machinery in our country, our country most of these equipment are imported from abroad, not only the price is high, from booking to the arrival of the cycle is long, the serious influence production progress of the enterprise. Guilin ZhongHao make mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD developed traction steel wire curtain cloth type cutting machine cutting host, its advantage lies in: using open structure, maximum cutting width of up to 2900 mm; Pass cloth structure adopts rear traction way and pneumatic mechanical clamp, a two-axis control, pass cloth speed, high positioning accuracy, achieve + / - 0.1 mm; High production efficiency, cutting the number of 15 beats per minute; Using magnetic suction pressure cloth lift device and wire cloth device, improve the cutting quality and precision of the cutting accuracy is + / - 0.5 mm; In similar products at home and abroad to realize the function of remote security communications industry, has realized the remote video monitoring, remote modification procedures, fault diagnosis, production site service, significantly improve system response speed. The personage inside course of study points out, it will be cutting equipment development direction in China.

Participants agreed that China's rubber machinery exports only around 15%, low level, and exports in southeast Asia markets such as China and India generally. Rubber machine transformation and upgrading can improve the overall strength of rubber machinery in our country, more deeper from the international market. Products after upgrading China's rubber machinery products can be recognized world-class tire companies such as Michelin. So in the case of limited domestic market expand the living space of rubber machinery in our country, industry healthy and stable development.

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