How to make the tire live longer Avoid sharp acceleration and emergency braking
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In the car is not implemented before put to flight, no matter how to stress the importance of tire too much. Cars rely on four tires of four palm-sized grounding area to implement and pavement "communication", load, acceleration, deceleration, steering... The tyre is closely related to vehicle safety. For the tyres, you cannot be "on", and should use "good". Aging tires, for instance, must be timely replacement. Tomorrow is tomb-sweeping day, if you want to drive travel, you must pay attention to check before going out.

Suggestion 1

The change is change don't use "old child"

The service life of tires normal should how long? Chengdu commercial daily reporter query the Michelin, bridgestone, Dunlop, pirelli, mainland brands such as the official website of the tire, they all did not give specific time.

Car experts Luo Kaijun told chengdu commercial daily reporter, there are many factors affecting the service life of tires, in addition to congenital factors such as tire design, material, the use environment of operating habits, car, car condition is good or bad determines the lifespan of the tyres, so even the same brand of tires, put in the same type of car, its use time and mileage have very big distinction.

Michelin and Dunlop tyres all official advice: if have been used for 5 years or more tyres you need to let the professionals at least check once a year. And based on security considerations, from the production date more than a decade of have no matter to the tyre wear identification should be replaced.

"Tire used for 5 years and had almost reached old age" a quick fix chain's technical staff, told reporters that "ten years can really tire few and far between, in the real environment, the use of car tyres used five years is a long life." Wings of bridgestone car Yuan Guhui red shop also suggested that the normal life of the tire, generally within five years, for the sake of safety, if more than five years is best can change.

Tires in the aging stage, tread generally also can appear "wrinkles", these small lines show that it has the retired.

Suggestion 2

Wear and tear to the limit

Must change tire

If you wear a pair of flat boots without pattern to smooth the road trip, you will feel "the heart-pounding step by step", tire if excessive wear also can have such effect. Decorative pattern on the surface of the tire is of great significance to improve the adhesion and eliminate the function of road surface water keep tires in good road surface adhesion. Adhesion ability worn tyres has fallen dramatically, especially in water wet pavement, which is especially dangerous. So when the tyre wear pattern to the limit, should change in time. Have a triangle wear mark tire shoulder, it points to the groove of the tyre wear block, after the pattern tyre wear, to expose the wear block, should be replaced at this time.

Suggest 3

Don't let your tires


Don't embarrass your tyres, if it has been injured, we don't let it hold position, otherwise, you are with themselves, it is one thing too unsafe.

Transport process, tied to the tyres may be a foreign body, may also be accidentally touched the opposite of the road, or highway through the surface concave and convex face intense collision, all of these could lead to tire is damaged. Tire damage situation including tread cracks, loss of tread bulge, tread rubber, tire wear is serious or abnormal wear, etc.

Expert suggested that if the tyre is nails and other small objects to tread, after that it can be mended to continue on the road, but if the tire is damaged or tread the wound is too big, it must be replaced. Experts suggest that at least a month to a tire appearance inspection.

Event playback

Nine years didn't change a tire punctured tyres made traffic accident at a high speed

A traffic accident, let the tire safety become a focus of many owners. In January this year, Beijing shunyi court mediation of disputes caused by traffic accident, was on the afternoon of February 11, 2011, Mr. Wang, driving a car carrying their daughter, driving on the highway, suddenly right rear tyre blowout, the vehicle hit on the left side of the fence out of control, and was only 10 years old daughter was left out of the car, after the rescue invalid death.

Traffic department has decided that it belongs to the traffic accident, Mr. Wang and train per capita irresponsibility. Mr. Wang then sued to tire manufacturer, tire distributors and auto makers claim more than 930000 yuan. Trial, tire manufacturing company and tires for qualified products sales company said. According to the general rules of use, the tyre should be to detect in time for the vehicle maintenance, and use 5 years should be replaced. Mr. Wang didn't submit timely maintenance inspection records, and tire use 9 years has not been replaced, there is fault. Upon application of the Mr Wang, the court relevant appraisal institutions entrusted to identification of blowout reasons, but appraisal agencies failed to puncture on reason clear identification conclusions.

After the court mediation, the two sides recognized no evidence to prove the existence of tire problem, under the premise, tyre manufacturers and sellers to compensate economic loss of 100000 yuan to

The case cause drivers to attention: car tires when to change? How to conserve tires, car tires in good condition?

Ninety percent of tyre is thirty percent safe hidden trouble tires are still in the "adhere to the" use

Once in Beijing, according to China's first tyre safety inspection activities of 91% of the vehicle tire pose a safety hazard! The survey of nearly 700 vehicles tires free inspection, the results of the survey is: 91% of the vehicle tire pose a safety hazard! More than 60% of tire pressure is not normal; 38% of the tire crown tied with nails or stabbed; 36% of the tire are cut, scratch, crack, the phenomenon such as; 21% of the tire aging; In accordance with the tire manufacturer's advice, tire aging or damage or excessive wear should be replaced, from the point of such findings, there are at least three tires in the retirement age, should be replaced, but they are still in a vehicle to drivers and passengers safe hidden trouble.


How to make the tyre longevity

1, keep the correct tire pressure.

Vehicles are generally attach correct tire pressure standard in the inside on the left side of the door, please keep the tire pressure is normal according to the manufacturer recommendations. Special note, factory standard tire pressure is under the condition of the tires "cold" measurement.

2, don't be speeding, avoid sharp acceleration and emergency braking, avoid fast cornering or through the vertical large obstacles.

3, in normal shape, four-wheel positioning correct.

4, recommended every 8000 or 10000 km swap a four tire position, make four tires wear uniform.

In these cases, please replace the tires

1, tire wear to wear limit signs (i.e., tread depth of less than 1.6 mm).

2, tire is damaged, appear tread cracks, tread bulge, loss of tread rubber, uneven wear, by chemical corrosion, tire is foreign body tied to many times, and so on and so forth.

3, tire aging. Tire aging speed and is closely related to the environment, use way, normal use commonly 3-5 years, if have been used for 5 years or more tyres at least needs to let professionals to check once a year.

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