Continuous on-line monitoring system for volatile organic gas
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Explosion proof instrument: HV-3060A type VOCs continuous online monitoring system

HV-3060 is a volatile organic gas continuous on-line monitoring system, the system according to the different needs of users, to choose different measurement parameters (such as: the total hydrocarbons THC, methane CH4, non methane hydrocarbons NMHC, benzene toluene xylene C6H6, C7H8, C8H10 etc.).At the same time can be collected through the data communication device, by the modem (Modem, GPRS, CDMA) will be transferred to the environmental protection administrative department of the data, the unit can also be used for remote monitoring or access to DCS systems.The system has been widely used in the continuous monitoring of a variety of fixed atmospheric pollutant emissions, such as the online monitoring of the organization, such as factories, gas stations.

The system has the functions of real-time data transmission, remote fault diagnosis, report statistics and graphic data analysis.The whole system has the advantages of simple structure, wide dynamic range, strong real-time, flexible networking, low operation cost, at the same time, the system uses the modular structure, convenient combination, can according to the requirements of the site specific conditions and technical parameters were optimized, flexible configuration, fully meet the needs of users, and to ensure the best price system.The system can fully meet the requirements of data communication with the DCS system and the environmental protection department of the enterprise. Therefore, the system can be widely used in petroleum chemical industry, printing and coating, leather processing, tire manufacturing, automobile paint, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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Analytical column for continuous on-line detection system of volatile organic gas

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