Oxidation out of stock
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Traditional flue gas denitration technology already can not meet the requirement of the strict emissions reduction, the traditional process is the high equipment investment, covers an area of big, therefore the development process is simple and reliable desulfurization denitration technology is of great significance.

My company to combine the demand of the market and national emissions requirements, developed a special out of stock of ozone technology. Ozone (O3) is the allotropes of oxygen (O2), it is a light blue with special smell gas. The REDOX potential is second only to fluorine. Ozone and ferrous, Mn2 +, sulfide, sulfur, cyanide, cyanide, chlorine reacts.

Ozone strong oxidizing, make its have the ability to smoke in the bad environment to completely NO oxidized to high state, improve the water soluble nitrogen oxide in flue gas, thus elution by wet method. Mainly include the following response:

NO+O3→NO2+O2 1)

NO2+O3→NO3+O2 2)

NO2+NO2→N2O4 3)

N2O4+O3→N2O5 4)

NO3+NO2→N2O5 5)

3NO2+H2O→2HNO3+NO (6)

N2O5+ H2O→2HNO3 7)

The ozone denitration technology can get high NOX removal rate, a typical removal range of 70% ~ 70%, and even can reach 95%, and can be in different NOX concentration and the proportion of NO, NO2, maintain high efficiency; Because did not react with NOX O3 would be removed within the scrubber, so there is no similar SCR of O3 leakage problem; In addition to the above advantages, the technology application of SO2 removal of NOX and CO existence does not affect the ozone and denitration also does not affect other pollutants control technology.

Application of ozone oxidation denitration technology fully solve a lot of can't solve the problem in the traditional process of boiler, ozone oxidation denitration technology does not carry on the boiler and its ancillary facilities. 

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